Today's Hunted Products
Upvotes Name Tagline
224 Background Eraser Remove image background automatically Get Embed Code
84 Hoverify Quickly inspect element, pick colors, capture and much more Get Embed Code
82 PickIt Minimalist color picker & palette organizer Get Embed Code
85 Sharable, distraction free markdown editor. Get Embed Code
63 Sourceful A search engine for publicly-sourced Google docs Get Embed Code
68 Crisis Response Matching - COVID-19 Donation matching platform in response to the Coronavirus Get Embed Code
50 Tico Powerbadge Generate video meeting URLs for your web visitors in 1 click Get Embed Code
51 The Awareness Chatbot COVID self-assessment, find nearby test sites and donate Get Embed Code
25 Covid Promises Get reminded of your intended behaviour changes after Covid Get Embed Code
40 Roostoo Simulated crypto exchange and mock trading competitions Get Embed Code
21 SupportYourLocals Start selling digital gift cards in less than 5 minutes. Get Embed Code
32 Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Simulate pandemic visually and test scenarios on browser. Get Embed Code
30 CovidCamp Connect with your neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get Embed Code
27 Unmix Separate vocals, drums, bass, and synth from music with ML Get Embed Code
6 Citymapper Mobility Index % of city moving compared to usual Get Embed Code
6 Coronavirus Containment Stats Virus “inactivation" as a % of the total number of cases Get Embed Code
18 Little Places Independent businesses mixing it up during COVID-19 Get Embed Code
11 BoffinBot for Slack Daily standups, time-tracking & payroll reports in Slack Get Embed Code
11 Spectrums Share what matters to you. Get Embed Code
30 Private Kit by MIT Slow the Coronavirus without giving up individual privacy Get Embed Code
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